Solving The Puzzle: How to Embed Innovation for 2023 and Beyond

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Solving The Puzzle: How to Embed Innovation for 2023 and Beyond

Tuesday, 31 January 2023

11:00  to  12:15 Asia, Dubai (GMT+04:00)


United Arab Emirates




Solving The Puzzle: How to Embed Innovation for 2023 and Beyond

Digital transformation is everywhere. The tech is the easy part: it’s in optimising it that the complexities dwell. If you want to create a culture of continuous modernisation and innovation, you have to transform at speed and scale and build a truly unified and agile ecosystem with the customer at its centre. So how do you do that?

Unifying processes and systems

Disconnected data, processes and systems means you can’t deliver the experiences your people want. How can modernising your infrastructure help you consolidate and connect all your data, unite organisational silos, and create the best workflows through digitised processes that seamlessly span departments and systems?

It’s all about the data

Data reveals connections, allow patterns to be recognised and is optimised when used holistically. It’s the key to meeting the needs of customers and to freeing up resources so you can concentrate on your key business. How do you get a 360® of what’s been working, lock-in innovation and agility and deliver the best experiences every time?

A constant view front and back

If you want to set yourself up for 2023 and beyond, transformation needs to be both product-driven and customer-driven. One without the other won’t work. How can you ensure your view remains constant so that your actionable insights give both the front and back office what your organisation needs now and in the future?


Join us to exchange opinions and ideas with leaders from across industry with challenges in common.

Featuring live polling, interactive digital breakout rooms and panel session with Q&A, the event will be independently facilitated and will send you away with fresh insights, robust practical examples and powerful new connections.

With a perspective from Oracle and Accenture


The online meeting comprises three segments:

Live Polling & Commentary (15 minutes)

We kick off with a poll question for you to answer

Breakout Discussion (30 minutes)

You will consider a stimulus question and form a question for the panel

Panel Session (30 minutes)

Questions are posed, opinions given, and knowledge exchanged



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