Innovate-Modernise-Unify: a Digital Transformation Roadmap for 2023 and Beyond

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Innovate-Modernise-Unify: a Digital Transformation Roadmap for 2023 and Beyond

Tuesday, 28 February 2023

09:00  to  10:15 Europe, London (GMT+01:00)



INDUSTRIES: Cross Industry



When you’re having to keep a close eye on costs, the space for innovation can be at a premium. The tech isn’t always the problem: it’s in optimising it that the complexities dwell. If you want to create a culture of continuous modernisation and innovation to maximise growth, reduce costs and set yourself up for the challenges to come, you have to transform at speed and scale and build a truly unified and agile hybrid ecosystem. What’s the secret?

Unifying processes and systems

Disconnected processes and systems mean you can’t deliver the experiences your people want. How can modernising your infrastructure help you consolidate and connect all your data, unite organisational silos, and create the best workflows through digitised processes that seamlessly span departments and systems?

Build forward

Continual agility, flexibility, and increased resilience are all part of the required organisational toolbox. How do you build a secure digital ecosystem in order to anticipate how products and services will evolve both now and in the future, so that you can support all your customers safely?

Embedding the tech to see the truth

What is technology without trust? If your infrastructure isn’t configured right, you can’t scale efficiently. As you juggle planning, security and compliance, you need to be able to see and measure what’s been working. How can the right infrastructure platform demonstrate value, provide ROI and ensure your insights give your organisation what it needs to grow?


Join us to exchange opinions and ideas with leaders from across industry with challenges in common.

With a perspective from Oracle and Wipro.


The online meeting comprises three segments:

Live Polling & Commentary (15 minutes)

We kick off with a poll question for you to answer

Breakout Discussion (30 minutes)

You will consider a stimulus question and form a question for the panel

Panel Session (30 minutes)

Questions are posed, opinions given, and knowledge exchanged


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