Kickstart Innovation with Automation: Make 2024 the year you go straight for the value

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Kickstart Innovation with Automation: Make 2024 the year you go straight for the value

Thursday, 16 November 2023

18:30  to  22:00 Europe, London (GMT)


Ormer Mayfair
Flemings Mayfair
7-12 Half Moon St
United Kingdom

INDUSTRIES: Cross Industry

EVENT TYPE: Club Dinner


Organisations are innovating at speed due to the need to be more agile and efficient.  Yet incorporating innovations into existing work environments is becoming more and more difficult, with lengthy integration processes, due to the complexities of heterogeneous, disconnected environments. This leads to increased time to value. What do you need to do to simplify the process, get innovation into your business, and ensure a successful project?

The technical debt

The load that organisations carry with technical debt can be a real drain on innovation. A pound spent on technical debt is a pound that can’t be invested in innovation and transformation. How can today’s business break the pattern of ‘kicking the can down the road’ to open up innovation cycles through automation and truly modernise?

Unifying processes and systems

Disconnected and heterogeneous environments, processes and systems compromise what you can deliver, leading to increased time to value. Explore use cases on how AI-powered enterprise automation can integrate applications and identify process inefficiencies, demonstrating how modernising your infrastructure can unite silos, and help you manage workloads in a way that seamlessly spans departments and systems to deliver business value at speed and scale.

Strategy and culture

Innovation and automation should lead to simplification, but you need to be set up with the right culture. A clear innovation strategy running through the organisation allows you to test and learn and for energy to be applied where it is most needed. What do you need to do to incorporate innovation and automation into your processes while ensuring you don’t accidentally turn the lights off?


Join us to exchange opinions and ideas with leaders approaching shared challenges.

Combining structured business discussion with free-form networking over fine food and wine, the event will be independently facilitated and will leave you with fresh insights, robust practical examples and powerful new connections.

With a perspective from SAP.


18:30 – 19:00 – Arrival & Aperitif

Meet your peers and get to know each other over a welcome drink

19:00 – 21:30 – Dinner & Discussion

Fine dining, fine wine and fine discourse form the perfect menu.

21:30 – 22:00 – Coffee & Digestifs

Conversations continue over coffee and a selection of digestifs

22:00 – 22:30 – Carriages

Homeward bound



Flemings Mayfair,

7-12 Half Moon St,

London W1J 7BH